Vacancy Embedded Software Designer

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As an “Embedded Software Designer,” you will be responsible for designing software architectures and code that will run on our own electronics. Technologies that we use here include microcontrollers, x86 CPUs, Embedded Linux. We use several programming languages to write our code: including C++, C, Rust and Python. In this position you will have a varied job combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

You will be included in our close-knit team of experienced professionals who can properly support you (where necessary) and help you develop yourself.


With these techniques you will provide our customers with new solutions for example: heat pumps, semiconductor production machines, automotive electronics or high-speed Ethernet switching.

You will be working in a team with highly experienced designers, who will be happy to help you get into the swing of things quickly, so that you can have your own design in your hands quickly. In our laboratory, you can start measuring your own product and thus verify that your design meets all the requirements you set.

What do we offer?

Ampel Technologies offers you a professional environment working on high-tech products. Because of the speed in our design processes and the elimination of bureaucracy, we have the final products in our hands quickly. That’s what we do it for: no-nonsense and getting results! We believe in giving our colleagues control over their own projects, pursuing both emotional and financial success, including attractive bonuses.

Our corporate culture is characterized by a family feel, which is reflected in shared catered lunches and the informal atmosphere. Ampel Technologies is undergoing exponential growth, and we strongly believe in sharing this success with our employees. We value equality without hierarchy; everyone is treated the same. Join our team and experience the opportunities Ampel Technologies has to offer!


  • TU and college electrical engineering


  • Embedded Software
  • C, C++
  • Optional: Rust, Python, TCL
  • Agile / Scrum design processes

Who is Ampel Technologies?

Ampel Tech is a leading company in embedded software development. We design and implement advanced software solutions for a wide range of applications, from consumer electronics to industrial automation to automotive systems. Ampel Technologies delivers effective solutions to complex challenges. We bring innovative ideas, from concept to realization. Our mission is to make the world smarter and more efficient!